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GUINOT (Chigwell)


An hour of treatment customized to all skin types to hydrate, regenerate and deep-cleanse the skin using ‘double ionisation’ galvanic and high frequency…finishing with a relaxing shoulder and face massage and mask leaving your skin feeling nourished and regenerated.

  • 60 mins£53/ Course of 3 - £147/ Course of 6 - £265

A Hydradermie facial that helps deprogramme the skin’s ageing process for a longer-lasting youthful complexion. This specially designed anti-ageing Hydradermie2 facial focuses on the eyes, face and neck to target signs of ageing. Clinically proven to improve wrinkle depth by up to 49.5%.

  • 60 mins£63 / Course of 3 – £177 /Course of 6 - £315

The face gets an exercise ‘workout’ and is sculpted in much the same way as a body in the gym. A lifting treatment with customized lymphatic drainage movements and a natural temporary facelift effect by lifting features through muscle stimulation. Recommend; one treatment once a week over three consecutive weeks for deep lifting then one treatment per month as maintenance.

  • 60 mins£63/ Course of 3 – £177/Course of 6 - £315

This “work out” for the face and neck creates a lifting effect in just a 30 minute by toning the complexion, smoothing wrinkles and lifting the facial contours. An express version of the Hydradermie Lift.

  • 40 mins£42 / Course of 3 – £117/Course of 6 - £209

Hydradermie Age Logic and Hydradermie Lift – A combination of the both these treatments in one will leave your skin looking fresh and radiant. Experience an immediate lifting treatment through the stimulation of the muscles, lifting the face, adding firmness and leaving an overall younger appearance to the face.

This is a 3 step contouring treatment for the very delicate eye area. This treatment targets wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles and creates an instant “lifting effect” around the eye area.

  • 45 min£48/ course of 3 - £115 /Course of 6 - £239

Hydradermie Newhite improves the surface pigmentation and restores skin’s radiance. This treatment reduces melanin levels in the skin, improving pigmentation, giving the appearance of brighter skin after just one treatment.

  • 60 mins£63 / Course of 3 – £177 /Course of 6 - £315

A “double peeling” treatment using pure vitamin C and gentle fruit acids to remove dead cells responsible for dull complexions and reduces the appearance of pigmentation and scarring. This facial leaves the complexion truly radiant. Recommend; a course of three treatments, taken over consecutive weeks.

  • 60 mins£55 /course of 3 - £153 /Course of 6 - £275

The Age Summum Treatment is the alternative to plastic surgery for treating immediate signs of ageing: wrinkles and fines lines, loss of firmness and lack of radiance. After just one treatment, the face appears several years younger. The skin’s surface looks more youthful. Wrinkles and fine lines are filled in and smoothed away. Skin texture is refined and the skin recovers a youthful radiant glow.

  • 1 Hour£65/ Course of 3 – £183 /Course of 6 - £325

The perfect treatment before a special occasion. It will firm the skin and tighten the features, in order to rejuvenate the appearance of the face. The Liftosome facial has been specifically developed to treat the problems associated with mature skins. The high concentration of vitamin C firms, regenerates and energises mature skin. Recommend; a course of three treatments over successive weeks.

  • 60 mins£57 / Course of 3 – £159 /Course of 6 - £285

Find tranquil beauty with this unique method that combines the benefit of essential oils with de-stressing and tension-reducing massage techniques, and a mask tailor-made to your beauty requirements. You will feel incredibly relaxed and skin will regain its tone, radiance and elasticity.

  • 1 hour£45/ Course of 3 – £123 /Course of 6 - £225


Ayurvedic/Holistic Facials

Our revitalising and therapeutic Ayurvedic treatments are customised to your unique body type (dosha) and particular needs, to help you achieve total wellbeing. We Start off with an Ayurvedic skin consultation and provide you with a personally tailored rejuvenation program to suit your requirements.

This mini facial is ideal for those on the go. Your skin is cleansed, lightly exfoliated and gently massaged, followed by a veil of light moisturizer.

For dry, mature and rough skin to stay youthful; a hydrating, nurturing and soothing Vata facial will counter dry, delicate, rough and ageing elements within the skin. This facial will leave your skin renewed and deeply nourished.

For sensitive, oily or acne prone skin, this unique combination of herbal creams allows the skin to heal, encouraging cell renewal and leaving the skin refreshed clear and calm. Great for providing your skin with a fresh start.

A facial for skin that has a tendency to become more sluggish and is prone to pigmentation. Nourishing Ayurvedic herbs will improve circulation and lymphatic flow, leaving you with a balanced and radiant complexion.

A healing & balancing facial for sensitive &/or oily skin types. Pure silver leaf is calming and soothing for the most sensitive of complexions while giving the skin a nourishing boost. The skin is left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, resulting in clearer and happier skin. This treatment is recommended for pitta dosha who are prone to acne and sensitive skin.

Restore your tired and dull skin with the ultimate toning and stimulating treatment. 24 carat gold is rejuvenating and readily absorbed by the skin to help increase circulation, reduce fine lines and prevent ageing. This treatment is

followed by a herbal face pack, leaving an exceptional natural glow. This treatment is recommended for vata dosha who are prone to excessive dehydrated and dry skin.

Your therapist will design the most suitable facial for your skin that’s needed at the time. In this facial we incorporate eastern science with western technology to create a treatment that is most suitable and effective for the condition at the time. This Arissa bespoke Facial has been designed to treat every skin type and skin care concern. A treatment that will not only treat but relax you inside and out.

This facial introduces our younger guests to the importance of a proper skin care regimen. Your experienced therapist will assess your skin and customise the experience. A gentle cleanse and exfoliation, followed by nurturing facial massage to leave the skin totally cared for. An ideal pampering gift for special occasions.

Microdermabrasion (Chigwell)

Microdermabrasion is a gentle but deep exfoliating treatment that instantly produces smoother, softer and more radiant skin. Results are most effective over a course of treatments, as fine lines soften, and any blemishes or skin markings reduce. Pores are deep cleansed, skin tone, texture and colour become more even and the production of new skin cells and collagen is boosted. With results like this, microdermabrasion should be an essential part of your skin care.

LED Light Therapy Facials (Chigwell)

Discover the most powerful system available for fast and effective skin care results. The treatment involves application of light at various surfaces of the skin where it is needed. This is a painless treatment where you will feel relaxed and comfortable.

Red light – Stimulates the skins cellular regeneration, facilitating tissue repair & rejuvenation. Also stimulates the lymphatic system, aiding in lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness and remove waste toxins.

Blue Light – Reduces inflammation & provides an anti-bacterial effect, an ideal treatment for acne prone skin.

Yellow Light – Tones and smooth’s the skin, whilst also promoting the production of Collagen.

It is advised for treatments to be performed between 7 and 14 days apart. It generally takes 6 treatments to achieve desired results. For fast and effective results add this treatment with microdermabrasion or with one of our other facials.